Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well, things for the trip are still looking good, but hopefully my loss of wisdom won't make the med school visits totally futile...
All four wisdom teeth are now in biohazard containers and on their way to be incinerated...
The best part is, when they hooked me up to the monitors, they kept saying things like, "Wow, you DO run, dontcha?" and "Well you're certainly not nervous about this procedure..." Then the doc came in and said that since my resting heart rate was so low (38 at one point) he didn't want to give me the anesthesia medicine (because it reduces HR further). So: on the laughing gas mask went, and out the teeth came. Baller? I think yes.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

our stops along the way...

Besides just just visiting some cool spots in the east, we'll also be looking at some schools during our 3 weeks on the road.  Here's a visual list of our stopping points, school or otherwise:

Atlanta, GA

Roan Mtn., TN

Richmond, VA

Charlottesville, VA
Baltimore, MD   

Philadelphia, PA     

New Haven, CT

Charleston, SC

Savannah, GA
and....maybe others : )   We'll keep ya updated!

PS- sorry about the weird spacing between pics; the computer was being weird.