Saturday, November 16, 2013

quotable quotations

Mface here, checking in for my sporadic update. This one's quick, as another Monday test is calling me back to the books. A dear friend of mine—thoughtful and observant beyond measure—knows me and my love of meaningful quotations well. She pretty much nails it whenever she sends me a sweet note (Quotable, ftw), and this most recent card is no different. Reading the card below should give you a decent rundown of how life is going right now--

Now, don't take that to mean I am falling flat on my face right now. I received my final [passing] transcripts from Oxford, I decided on a wedding dress last weekend, and I'm doing a-okay in my med school classes. I'm doing fine, but always have more to work on (:

I am blessed; I am busy. I strive; I struggle.

Till next time,