Friday, August 24, 2012

so long.

countdown to Oxford: 29 days.

Thereforely, I present you with this song. It is old. It is a tad bit emo (what with Dashboard Confessional doing the steering and all). And it is wholly accurate.

So long sweet summer.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my eating tour of DC

Somewhat juxtaposed to my previous post about running my way through new cities, my other preferred method of learning a new place is via the stomach. [or maybe they go hand in hand?]

DC is full of gems [gems, not germs. well, it's probably full of those too...], and my few days in our nation's capital left me fully satiated. Let's make our way, shall we?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

seeing cities.

One reason I enjoy being in running shape is that when I visit a new area, I can traverse it by foot. Granted, there are certain cities—New York, DC, Madrid, to name a few—that require NO running to cover serious ground by foot, as walking/subway is the best way to see the sights, but running delivers something altogether different. (<--That's not a link, I just wanted to emphasize it. Fancy that, eh?)

On our road trip last summer [HOW was that over a year ago?!], Z and I made sure to run at every stop along our journey, and I think that was one of my favorite aspects of the trip. Whether along the streets of Charleston, through the woods in New Jersey, or beside the river in Philly, running in those places gave us a sense of the locale, a piece of its personality. Running allows me to see a city from a wholly unique perspective, and somehow gives me a [pretty much unwarranted] sense of ownership or something, like I'm not like every other tourist or something.

Seven miles through Washington, D.C., confirmed this conviction.

A week ago, I was exploring the area of town around my host's house, and on the way to Dupont Circle happened upon Pacer's Running Store. Outside the store, a sign read, "4-6mi group fun-run, Tuesdays 7pm," and I thought…Why not? 
I didn't take this picture of Dupont Circle's park, but I did sit under that very tree before the group run...

Monday, August 20, 2012

thoughts from a plane (MM#27)

about a week ago I flew from TLH to DC and jotted down some thoughts to pass the time.  
i type them here, on this mindful monday, to productively reflect and rebuild...

When I return to Tallahassee in a few short days, I will be one. month. away. from my departure to the UK. Ahhh!

In recent weeks/months, it's seemed that not a day passes that I don't have to relay to someone my future plans and aspirations. And while the prospects are exciting, I admit I've sensed an internal twinge of uncertainty/anxiety/fear for what I'm getting myself into...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have MUCH to post, but I have to run out the door to meet a friend at a metro station (whaaatt??). 
Therefore, all you get is this snapshot I took a few minutes before my plane landed (whaaatt??).

Can you guess where I am?