Tuesday, September 27, 2011

would ya look at that...

Yep, failed again. OKAY, mindful mondays will happen, I promise! More than anything, I need them to happen: My Mondays seem to be just awful lately. And it's not even that I have trouble ending the weekend or anything, it's simply because my Mon's are jam-packed with things I don't. really. want. to do. period. (Granted, there are certainly things I like about my Mondays, so I hope I'm not offending anyone!) I went to bed last night in such a defeated mood, and there's just no need for that, if ya ask me!

I've been pretty occupied lately--all good things, but just a lot of them at once. Here's a brief look into my life right now, with a little bit of encouragement that keeps me going:
and the only reason there's any blank space is because i'm in a hurry to head to class, which isn't even included here!

So...next week my Monday will be occupied by an interview and a visit with a great friend, but I'll try to post anyway!

I'll end with a Coach Wooden-ism for you (okay, mostly for me):

"We must remember that we never reach a serious 
goal unless we have the intention of doing so."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WOW. How about "negligent thursdays"?

so...It just hit me that about three weeks ago I made an announcement that I'd be posting every Monday with some wisdom-of-the-week (or reflection from the previous week, or just thoughts to help keep me on track). But even that first week was a day late, so I guess it was a bit of a long shot that I'd keep up with it I'll have to work hard at keeping it up. Call it a lesson in accountability.

So here's a SongOfTheDay, I suppose. It's a cover of "Umbrella" (a song by pop singer Rihanna), but I love it because this guy is just so pumped up for Christ. It's a goofy song, but I SO admire how enthused he is about our savior. Enjoy. (and feel free to skip to ~43 seconds in)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

you must not lose faith in humanity.
humanity is an ocean;
if a few drops of the ocean are dirty
the ocean does not become dirty.
~mahatma gandhi                              
                                                 photo by Jack Kelly

Monday, September 05, 2011

there's no party like a dis-co-par-tay!

Happy 50th, Mrs. Andrews! We sure had a blast [from the past] with you!
the AMAZING lady.

the AMAZING dance floor!

the AMAZING peeps : )

the AMAZING family. (so glad they let me tag along!)

disco tango. ohhh yeahhhh.