Monday, October 10, 2011

Mindful Monday #2

It's October! I've finally had a minute to sit down and realize it. Jeesh. Unfortunately, at least in my neck of the woods, it hasn't quite felt like Autumn yet, just...monsoon season. I fiinnnnnallllly can see blue skies after 60 HOURS OF RAIN. (if you need to revisit an earlier post to learn of my dislike of rain, have at it. I hate rainy days, much less 3 wholly rainy days in a row!) Here's my "road" yesterday, thanks to DeLand's superb drainage system...

But enough of that. It's beautiful outside and I feel a great week coming on. In hindsight, last week was good too: I had a med school interview, I submitted my application for the Rhodes Scholarship, and Zack took the LSAT and did a lil' info session at UFLaw (this is "" after all...). So onward and upward! Prayers for our progress are most welcome!

Now, on to my actual Mindful Monday thought:
Last night at Encounter, Wesley House's weekly worship service, a local pastor came and talked about the 5-loaves-2-fish story. I've heard/read this story a zillion times, but this time it was presented in a way I haven't really thought about it before: Instead of looking at it as a miraculous event, it is a lesson, one of using our gifts--no matter how insignificant we might think they are--to do great things through Christ. Prayer for the needs of others (like the hunger of the 5,000+ in the story) is important, yes, but only if it also leads to action. So go, do something good today, and know that it was accomplished through the love, strength, and amazing-ness of our Lord : )

Happy Monday!

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