Thursday, February 21, 2013


Well, well, well, another half-month has passed. I'm in denial of how rapidly this year is passing.

For risk of letting another chunk of time pass us by before another post is written, I'll abbreviate my intended ramblings and give you this quotation (from Nancy Scheper-Hughes, a big name in Medical Anthropology)...

"Action without reflection is wrongheaded; 
reflection without action is self­-indulgent."

I was lucky enough to venture over to London to attend the Royal Society of Medicine's 3rd Annual Primary Care Ethics Conference yesterday, and on the bus back to Oxford I had plenty of time to reflect, stuck amongst the post-work commuters back to suburbia. Maybe one day soon I'll type out some of those thoughts. More importantly, maybe one day soon I'll turn those reflections into action.

Hope you're doing well, wherever you are.


  1. I'm right here in my studio in eastern standard time reflecting on that quotation. I better get busy. Miss you.

  2. Hello Maria,
    I was reflecting on your "Adventure Time" and your London conference. I decided to take action and post the URL in case other folks weren't able to open the link, to the Primary Care Conference, like me. This link took me to the conference you wrote about. Very interesting. Love you.