Tuesday, January 28, 2014

why is place so blank?

Howsabout a bit of randomness for your Tuesday? Yeah? Okay:

HuffPost recently put out a map of the 50 states, with each labeled with the #1 suggestion provided by Google when "why is [state] so" is typed into the search box. The map was interesting enough, but I was curious to see what else the spec-maker had to say about my past and present participles places of habitation. [Super original reaction, I'm sure.]

Starting off with none other than home sweet home:

#4, especially, amirite? [the Florida-is-crazy part, def not the claim that Tally is popular...]


 Searching for my current locale was a little less fruitful...
 (Hmm...#1 is likely NC, whereas #2 is the FC, methinks) 

...so I specified, with much better luck:
 (they must have missed this football season)

This one's probably my favorite, with no suggestions at all. Ha!

And finally, one that was accidental, and that I send out to my bro, deep in his bar prep.
((For the record, I'm interpreting that one as a compliment. 
Underrated is probably better than "hated," anyway.))

With nothing else substantial to sign off with,

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