Saturday, May 10, 2014

hurry, hurry

Is it worth it? Hurrying, to fit more in?

Air Traffic Controller has put out a good rendition of this paradox. I recently stumbled upon this band (I know, I'm not all that cultured) and they've immediately begun to replenish a sort of upbeatness void that's needed filling lately. The funny thing is that their album I've had on repeat (the cleverly named Nordo) came out just after the time things started getting obscured in my life. Wonder if things woulda been diff. if I uncovered the album then? Or maybe the late find allows for more enlightenment?

Meh. Who's to say?

"the output is what you put in, and it ain't enough
if you're not focused on the most important stuff.
Then all that you've got left to show
is Hurry, Hurry, on the go."

Hurry along now y'all! Or....don't?

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