Sunday, June 10, 2012

life has been a __?__

This is what my life has been like since returning from Italy:

I want to call it a whirlwind, but one of the teddybear-esque tumbleweed variety pictured above; nothing altogether damaging. The long flight back was shortly followed by:
  • two weddings, 
  • a few days of various graduation activities, 
  • Mothers' Day, 
  • several furniture relocation extravaganzas, 
  • and bunches of job applications + interviews. 
Currently, I'm assisting with the recovery of Harper Surgery #2 of 2 (the first go-round was with my brother a few weeks ago), so the fun continues.


Tomorrow is Monday, so hopefully I'll be able to get a real post in. Until then, here's more tumbleweeds (kind of)...

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday :)


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