Monday, June 25, 2012


I hate to brag, but...No, what am I talking about? I have no problem bragging about this one:

my brother's fiancée is headed to London!

Congrats, Lacy!

That being said...

This Mindful Monday finds me filled with thanksgiving. [No, I don't have turkey and stuffing on my mind.]  I recently finally got around to starting Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts--which I've been meaning to read after several recommendations from friends and family--and, gosh do I have a lot to be thankful about this summer.

I am thankful for travel. Earlier this year, I got the chance to gallivant around southern Europe. Two days ago, I got to send my oldest brother off to do the same (except for way longer!). Yesterday, we found out that the middle Harper child gets to end his current adventure out in Oregon by purchasing tickets to see his fiancée compete AT THE OLYMPICS (!) in August. And in September, I'll head across the pond again myself. All three [-and-a-half] Harper kids in the UK in the same semester, whodathunk?!

I am thankful for family. Two graduations + Two weddings + Two surgeries = A lot of family time. Do I get moody and annoyed with them occasionally? Well, yeah, but I am so. incredibly. blessed for the amazing relationships in my life and am working on exhibiting that thankfulness more regularly.

I am thankful for my new job. I don't have many hours, but hey, it's a job. And it's something to make me feel a little less idle this summer. So there's that.

I am thankful for sports. Olympics + Tour de France + UEFA Euro Cup = A lot of TV and internet time for me. Kind of ironic.

I am thankful for every day. Tropical storm or not, today, I'm alive. Here's to that!

Happy Monday,


  1. Just TOO cool about Lacey :) Congrats to her and everyone involved!

    As always, thoroughly enjoying your posts, love!

    1. Thanks! And likewise about the reading, girl! I look forward to seeing what photo projects you come up with :)

    2. hmm.. funny you should mention that because I think you and Zack would make perfect subjects........ ;)

      for real.