Saturday, October 13, 2012

last week.

As you might expect (or at least, as you might have figured out from my lack of posts), this past week has been a busy one. I think a quick recap is in order, yeah?

In the past seven days, I have:
  • met tons of cool/fun/smart/amazing people
  • bought a bicycle
  • visited a pub (or six...)
  • bought all the necessary rain gear
  • pole vaulted
  • submitted my first of sixteen 9-page papers
  • met my college advisor, my research supervisor, and all my professors
  • went to my first college "bop"
  • successfully toured around town with my first visitors
  • and matriculated into the University (more on that in a later post)
It's been a whirlwind, and I'm already a bit behind on this week's paper due to all the wonderful time spent doing all the other things on that list above, but I'm not complaining.

new ride!
new rain coat! (I bought this one, but in beige)

 So the theme of the first bop (which are essentially just parties within our college) was "A-Z," and you were supposed to dress up as something that started with the first letter of your name. Hence the [homemade] Mickey Mouse attire...

the building straight on is the Sheldonian Theatre, where matriculation took place.

Alright folks, till next time...