Thursday, October 04, 2012

throwback Thursday

No much new has been happening lately, just a few orientation sessions and induction dinners, so here are some pictures from the verrrry beginning of my UK adventure. It was only 1.5 weeks ago, but it already feels like ages. The pics are from a rain-less day spent exploring London with a good friend. Enjoy.

London has a surprising amount of parks...

...but these reminders are definitely the best fixtures of the city, hands down.
(sorry for not a very good picture-- they're painted on the roads near crosswalk edges)

Trafalgar Square on a sunny day. Not bad. 
(The visit, I mean. That wasn't supposed to be a photo brag.)

View of Parliament from Traf. Sq.

BAHahahaha. LOVE it. 
(Esp. because I totes began to notice the plethora of men-on-horses statues-- 
Richmond, Madrid, Milan, DC, and now here.) 
The square's corners are marked with statues atop large stone plinths (including one of a man on a horse), but apparently London's decision-making skills ran out after just 3 statues were erected. Now the 4th is a rotating exhibit, with ^^this one as the current [and recent] installment.

No caption needed.

The London Eye

Yes, we waited in [three] line[s] for a ride on this beast.

Look at those support beams!

Parliament from across the river (taken while still on the ground)

I think this one's my fave pic of Parliament. Kind of artsy fartsy (and I could do without the reflection), but whatev.

Just some pretty accommodations outside the British Museum.

Car adverts are all-out here.

Yumm...Indian food!

Me and my broseph. Aww...

As previously mentioned, I had to ask strangers to take a picture of me and my friend in front of Parliament. It only took four tries.

Failed attempt #1: Chopped.

Failed attempt #2: Blurry, windy, seagull, extra one-half-man.

Failed attempt #3: Missed Parliament altogether.

On attempt #4, we finally got one...Kind of.
The back of my head is ridickuhlis.

London was great though, really. Hopefully I'll make it back relatively soon. We'll see.

Till then (or sometime sooner, more likely)...

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