Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oxford on a Saturday

'Twas a beautiful day yesterday, and there was nothing on my schedule, so I did a wee bit of exploring in my new locale. Turns out, however, there is quite a bit of tourist action here, especially on blue-sky weekends. Now I know.

It is a lovely/beautiful/unique town though, 
so I completely understand why so many people flock here:

(Castle-like structures + rugby. Quintessential England, right?)

After making my way through the crowds, I attempted to visit the Oxford's Botanic Garden, but turned one lane too early. I ended up along a really nice path, though, and went for a lovely stroll:
On the "wrong" side of the fence. That's the Botanic Garden over there...
...but I didn't mind the detour much.
This is called "punting," which is both very popular and very inefficient (when inexperienced tourists try it).

I finally made it into the gardens, and I'm glad I did.

This was supposedly JRR Tolkien's favorite tree. Cool! (Nerd alert!)
PS- It is huge.
...this is what you [might] think it is.

these lily pads are >1m in diameter! in a greenhouse!
Who knew that's what banana flowers looked like??

...and then my camera died.

Induction/orientation stuff recommences tomorrow [as does the rain, so I'm told...sad.], so until I have anything somewhat interesting to contribute...Cheerio!

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