Monday, September 24, 2012

To London!

Yesterday (or two days ago, depending on how you figure in all that time-zone-travel stuff), I made the journey across the Pond. [yes, I capitalized Pond.] The journey was rather uneventful—and I certainly don't mind "uneventful" when it comes to air travel. I was only woken up by turbulence once, which, by the way, is the scariest thing ever if it's the first bout of turbulence and you're asleep when it starts.

{{Explanation: For me, airplanes are the innocent-until-proven-guilty type. That is, I'm not one to sit in the seat, clutching the armrests at takeoff. I don't bother with making myself scared until I have reason to be scared. So when I'm fast asleep, and the plane starts shaking, that's when OhmygoshImgonnadie races through my head. Luckily, 'twas uneventful, as I said.}}

When I found my seat on the plane, I was kind of bummed out that my window view would be halfway blocked by a wing...

But I quickly got over it when I realized:

a) I was going to be flying overnight, so the view wouldn't be great anyway, and
b) Evidently IcelandAir doesn't sell out, so I had the whole row to myself. Nap time!

Some of the views were still nice though, particularly the sunset we flew through. If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for clouds...
It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!

I thought flying into Iceland would make for some beautiful sights, but I overlooked the fact that it'd be pitch black when we flew in. When we took off, it was nice and rainy, so oh well. Next time.

London, naturally, was rainy/foggy/cold immediately upon arrival. People live through it, however, as evidenced by the sailing regatta going on below my plane.

After some loop-de-looping (apparently we were early??), I arrived.

The next couple of days will be filled with museums and sight-seeing before I head up to Oxford on Thursday. Today's itinerary: British Museum, Grant Museum of Zoology, and the London Eye.


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