Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I know it's been a while. 
Turns out that getting ready to leave my country for a year has filled my time with things besides blogging. I do apologize. (Kind of.)

In a few short days (THREE! AHH!), I'll get on a plane to London, where I'll hang with my brother for a few days before heading up to Oxford. I have no idea what my London plans are, so keep an eye out for updates from there next week. As for Oxford, here's the [very] general outline:
For those who might not know, I'll be at Oxford "reading" for a Master of Science in Medical Anthropology. [[That is, I'm getting a masters degree.]] No, I won't be digging up skeletons and seeing how they died. Yes, Rick Scott can suck it. I usually get pretty long-winded trying to explain what I will be studying, so check out the relevant link, above, for more info on the program.

While in Oxford, I'll be a student at Green Templeton College. That doesn't mean I've been lying to you this whole time, I promise-- I am a student at Oxford University, but the institution has a collegiate system that divides everyone up amongst 38 colleges. You can learn more about it from a helpful little video below (if you want). GTC is a graduate-only college [read: no pesky undergrads], and has a focus on things such as medicine, global health, and social justice. Right up my alley.

I'm super excited for all that this year has to hold, and I hope to share in some of the adventures through this little blog from time to time. Here are some pictures of my future campus (Green Templeton, that is) to hold you over until the next post:::

Happy Wednesday!

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