Saturday, March 23, 2013

Z's visit

Okay, with all that silly engagement excitement behind us, I reckon I might as well post a few photos from the rest of Z's lil UK adventure.

We started with a few days in Oxford--
Highlight: Kazbar. This fab tapas restaurant on the edge of Oxford's ethnic hub served up some seriously satisfying grub. I probably shouldn't call it grub. But I will.


...and after:

It was goooooood.

On one of our afternoons in Oxfordshire, we ventured to the nearby village of Woodstock. [Did I just take that line straight from JRRT?] We goofed around, laughed at toilets on Browns lanes, visited not-very-secret gardens at Blenheim Palace, and with all the Canada geese and Baptists running around, it almost felt like home.

From Oxford, we hopped on the train to the Cotswolds.

The journey took us through Fantastically Mr. Foxish landscapes. Here's a shot I took from the train:

Practically, anyway.

Alright, so our first stop was Gloucester. [Note: the Brits don't like "ce"s, so just pronounce it Gloss-ter. (Worcester=Wuhster; Bicester=Bisster; Cirencester=no idea)] However you pronounce it, it was pretty much a bust. The train in front of us hit a TREE (?), so we were stuck on the tracks for so long that everything seemingly worthwhile was closed by the time we actually made it. Basically, we saw a big, old cathedral, and that was about it. But the cathedral was neat at least!


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