Monday, March 25, 2013

contemporary selfies

Traveling as a pair requires some creativity in obtaining photographs that include both persons. Throughout Z's visit, my camera found itself balancing (sometimes precariously) atop park benches, trash cans, tree limbs, stone walls, hand rails, and even random [parked] car hoods—timer at the ready—in attempts to snap some pics of our travels.

Because of the weather, and our venturing sans-suitcases, we look....pretty much the same in all the pics. Ignore that. I promise these were all taken across the two weeks and not on one day!

Note the occasional blue skies!
In Gloucester, at the historic docks.
In Stroud, at St. Lawrence's Church, as you can see.

In Stroud, along the canal towpath.

At Minchampton Common.

Walking to the 'Great Park'

Along the canal towpath, back to Stroud.

Bath's Royal Crescent

Yet another from Henrietta Gardens...

London, with St. Paul's in the background.

London, from Waterloo Bridge (the Eye + Parliament in the background)

London again, outside Covent Garden Market, relishing in the sunshine!

You can probably guess which one's my favorite ;)

Cheers, y'all.

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