Wednesday, April 03, 2013

black* beauty.

Last week, a friend joined me on an adventure to DUBLIN.

We hung out with a crew of Stetson Law students for a couple of days, and while they were off acquiring knowledge about Ireland's interesting independence/peace process, we learned some history of our own.

I'm talking, of course, about Guinness.

We toured the St. James' Gate brewery (aka the 'Guinness Storehouse'), which involved 7 floors of informative and interactive displays each telling a bit about the nature, history, and personality of the classic Irish drink. ((The above picture was taken inside a giant wooden barrel, so I apologize that the 30 feet of lettering didn't fit in the frame. There might be poetry in a pint of Guinness, but there's not always art in a photo from a point-and-shoot.))

One stop along the tour involved a 1/2 pint of the brew, and I love how this picture captures the waiting period involved in a good pour. According to my sources, a true pint of Guinness takes 119 seconds to be poured-- they fill it up 2/3 of the way—let it settle, or rise, or whatever you see in that photo—then they top it off after nearly 2 minutes have passed.
Can't be in a rush for this gem!

At the end of the tour, we headed up to the 'Gravity Bar' for a gorgeous view of the city and a beautifully poured pint.


*as any Guinness lover will tell you, this beer isn't actually black, but a deep red. Next time you have a pint, hold it up to the light and you'll see I ain't lyin!

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