Wednesday, April 24, 2013

lyrical poetry. or poetic lyrics? or something like that.

Life...It just keeps movin' right along.

On another note: Dunno if it's coincidence or if I'm going through some sort of phase, but I've noticed a whole lot of suuupa lyrical music coming out of my speakers lately. Two examples that have been cycling through as of late are Passenger [a Brit] and Frontier Ruckus [very American, but I saw them in Ox just a few weeks ago!]

Passenger's songs are full of plays-on-words (a phrase I hate to pluralize almost as much as passersby), rhymes, and quips much more insightful/philosophical than first meets the eye ear.

Take this snippet from Things That Stop You Dreaming, for example:

I got no money in my hands or my coat or my pocket;
won't get to space 'cos I haven't got a rocket;
but I've air in my lungs, eyes in my sockets,
and a heart that beats like a tap that leaks
in the night when you haven't got a plumber who can stop it;
jack in the box without a key to lock it.
Well this boat may sink but I'm not gonna rock it
'cos the sea doesn't know my name.

Or howsabout FR's Eternity of Dimming?

Clarity is a rarity that once was just beginning.
Now hellish, unembellished foreign blurs
in the corners of my eyesight
in this local exit highway night.
We must grow accustomed to the sight,
and empty all surprise to see the capsize of the semis.

Man. So clevaahhh. back to work, which certainly seems to be piling up lately...

PS- Z's made it almost to where he and I hiked, way back when this little blog was born. That'll bring him over the 370-mile mark (a number that means nothing significant 'cept Progress!). 
Feel free to keep up with the relaying of his adventures over yonder.

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