Wednesday, November 16, 2011

lists of lists

I'm a list person. Here's a list of some I currently have going:
  • books i want to read / books i've read
  • movies i want to see / movies i've already seen
  • wines i like / wines to try (and beer i like / beer to try.  don't judge.)
  • things i've never done (look for this in a future post, based on this...)
  • places to eat in deland/gainesville/tallahassee
  • favorites: tv shows, songs, books, movies, blogs, recipes, places, quotations, bible verses, etc. (See what I just did there? I made a list within a list of lists. I think I have a problem...)
  • deland auto shops (yeah...i've had some car troubles in my time at Stetson)
  • recipes to try
  • places i want to visit
  • vocab words i want/need to learn 
  • things I want to accomplish in my "free" spring semester.
  • and of course: a to-do list. an ever-lengthening, sometimes daunting to-do list.
Interestingly, the one list I don't have going right now is a wishlist for a fast-approaching holiday season. Woops! Any recommendations for what should make it onto that list for [a recently graduated] gal?