Monday, November 07, 2011

MM #6

Well, there is certainly noise, trouble, and hard work goin on 'round these parts, so 
here's to the hope that peace joins the brigade! Cheers!

Alright, confession time-- I was gonna do a whole thing with the usual I'm-busy-but-trying-to-make-it-work spiel (which I may or may not have just spelled "schpeal"). Then I decided to go against the grain and offer some silly commentary to even sillier Cross Country photos [from my last NCAA race that took place last week]. Running pics never work for me. Or when they do, only my leg shows up in the picture. Great.  And THEN, I realized that the words "copyright protected" actually apply to me, so out the window that plan went.

So now I'm back to boring ole nothins. Today wasn't much of a Mindful Monday, anyway, since my brain was totally spent on a Genetics-test-gone-awry. Oh well. Here's a video Zack had me watch the other day. I love this guy's late night talk show interviews.

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