Tuesday, January 10, 2012

atypical oatmeal.

i am an oatmeal fan.

and by fan, i mean i could probably eat oatmeal every morning for the rest of my life and never grow tired of it. (how could you, with so many flavorful possibilities out there?!).

but you're saying, duhhh, we awweady kno dat... 

okay, so i've posted about my oatmeal endeavors before.

this time it's different.

this time, it's savory oatmeal.

whaaaaat??? savory oats? impossible.

note to self: don't make blog posts w/out at least a point and shoot. samsung cameras are not great.
throw a handful of oats in a pot. toss some garlic salt in there. add some crushed red pepper. mix in some corn and green beans. stir in a bit of prepared bread crumbs. and voilĂ ! you've got yourself a resourceful meal (because literally the only things in your pantry are canned veggies, oats, bread crumbs, and some spices. [oh yeah, and peanut butter. can't forget the peanut butter.]) -- i think it's safe to say i don't want to go to the grocery store during this, my last, stay in my house in deland.

anyway, the oat-ey meal: twas delish. a little cognitive dissonance with the whole savory-oats-when-i'm-used-to-sweet? sure. but nothing a desperate frugal gal like myself couldn't overcome.

horizon: consider yourself broadened.


*note: if you want my silly recipe, simply make a comment to this post and i'll be glad to share. if you want a "real" recipe, google is your friend. Livvy has an example here that sounds like it is worth trying, too.

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  1. can i just say:
    there's a line above i which i call myself frugal. first i had "frugal lass," but it sounded too much like "frugal ass" to me, so i nixed it. then i substituted "gal" in there without thinking it through, so now it's just fru GAL GAL.

    i can't win.