Saturday, March 03, 2012

I want to give this post the title, "Life." but I've done that already...

This doesn't really need emphasizing, but God is pretty amazing, if you ask me.

(Or at least, I think it's God. You can think whatever you want, I reckon.)

Not only did I have a wonderful 2-hour conversation about Him today with a friend; not only did He bless me with legs and lungs that function well enough to enjoy an afternoon run on a wooded trail; not only does He provide me with fantastic opportunities, a loving family, and fantastic friends; He also just makes things line up in amazing ways sometimes.

And yes, I'm about to talk about this silly blog, and others [kinda] like it.

Today's story goes like this: Every once in a while I try to think about what adventures we've been on, or tribulations we've been through, or updates in our lives, or just something silly to blog about. Sometimes I come up with something decent, and you've seen the result. Other times, I can't really come up with anything worthwhile, and that's when the gaps in between posts happen. 

TODAY, I was goooiinnng to write about a genuinely neat experience Z & I had last night. Nooo, get your mind out of the gutter. yeesh. -- Billy Joel came to Gainesville and put on a free show for students. It was pretty much awesome.*
Then...I decided that today's post would focus less on the Piano Man himself, and more about his overall message.

Then...I got lazy and just thought about writing a post instead of actually writing one. During those thinking moments, I found myself over at Z's sister's blog. Today she wrote about the difficult choice of declaring a college major, of "finding one's path" in life, or however you wanna say it. She posted this picture:
 And By Golly Miss Molly, this is where I had the thought, Jeesh, God is pretty amazing, if you ask me. Let me explain...

Back to Billy: His message, or at least what I came away with, was: Stick to what you love, and success--whatever that means to you--will follow. This quotation from Julia Child came to mind:
(That's a recipe for success if I ever saw one! Punny!)

So I guess the "God is amazing" thing basically came from the fact that I had planned to post the very answer to Z's sister's predicament. Find something you love, people, and all the pieces will find their way into place.

Happy Spring Break!

 *I'd like to say that I'll post more about the Mr. Joel later, but I'm pretty terrible about keeping promises on this here blog...Remember that recipe I was going to share last week? Yeah, 'bout that...

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