Saturday, March 17, 2012

sette settimane* (± some days)

{{*for the linguistically challenged, here ya go.}}

From the end of January until today, I've called Gainesville my home away form home. I leave today in order to prep for a big trip. Stay tuned and you'll be bombarded with details of that, I guarantee.

Because I should be packing my things up instead of playing on the Internet, I'll just leave some pictures here from a silly seven weeks. They are neither chronological nor comprehensive of my experience here in Gainesvegas. I hope you enjoy the little phone snapshots, nonetheless...

For those of you who love peanut butter, but hate the fat that comes with it, these babies are great. Got 'em off of Amazon w/free shipping and have enjoyed their flavor in oatmeal, milkshakes, etc. multiple times a week.

"learning" Italian....

You can't see him, but he's there! Billy Joel @UF = outstanding.

Yeah, so what if I used a wok to mix brownies? No one likes doing dishes...

Chef Boyardee in da hoouuusssssee! Grilled cheese, ftw!

Just call me "CPR-certified," y'all!

...bringing the farm to the market.

gave blood for the first time, woot! look who's savin' lives!

You might not be able to see it right away, but this here is a man walking about 12 dogs through downtown. It wasn't a big part of my life, but I felt it was worth posting nonetheless...

ma-ma-ma-Mortal Kombat at The Midnight. Nothing else to say 'bout that...

"Don't cry over spilled oatmeal" isn't a coined phrase, but it should be...

We stumbled upon this fire pretty soon after it started. No sailing practice that day...

Speaking of sailing: I can officially say that I've been to a sailing regatta, woo hoo!
(Looks exciting, huh?)

If you couldn't tell before, I'm definitely not a big picture-person. There are no group shots, no hold-your-camera-out-and-take-a-self-portrait instances, and no real action shots of my stint in the 352, but these--and the memories that I are stowed away in my lil' head--will just have to do  : )

Till next time,

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