Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a new direction.

As you may have noticed, this here blog isn't exactly a cater-to-the-readers sort of thing.

We started it so our families could keep track of us on a road trip.

>>I kept it going out of, umm, I dunno, I guess a desire to keep myself cognizant of the important things (hence the Mindful Monday trend). Also as a way to just share some somewhat interesting things and keep some loved ones in the loop.

     >>>>I even tried to change the url [for you non-computer folks {mom}, that's the string of letters at the top of your page] once it became clear that the zack part of the title wasn't really going to happen...But he wouldn't stand for such blasphemy.

As time went on, and as I got to reading more and more of the gazillion blogs out there*, I did my best to keep up. Or something. Well, nahhh, not really. Yeah, come to think of it, I actually didn't give it a whole lot of effort at all. Not enough time/drive/ingenuity I suppose...

I guess all of this is to say that: 

>> I know my Mindful Mondays don't get pre-written and 
published right on Monday morning for your reading pleasure.
[for the record, I at least start them before I go to bed on Mondays...]

>> I know the majority of the pictures here aren't shot with an SLR
but with my not-always-very-smart phone's camera.

>> I know I don't do all of the blog-award**, free-giveaway, writing-prompt,
30-day-challenge sort of things that other, more "professional," blogs do.  


I hope that's okay with you, dear reader.***

[for those of you who were slightly curious, but not investigative enough to scroll down, those little asterisks are explained at the bottom...fyi.]

By next week–when the next Mindful Monday post is past due–I'll be on a flight to Italy. I might surprise myself, but I'd say don't expect any MM's anytime soon.
Speaking of the trip, how should I use this blog while I'm over there? I hope you don't mind if it's just a travel-journal-sort-of-thing again...because that's what I'm thinking it's gonna be. But who knows, maybe this blog will head in a new direction. Maybe. Any thoughts?

So I guess that's what's on my mind this week. No wisdom, no pictures, no silly videos. (Wow, what a bunch of time you just wasted reading all of this...hehe woops!)

Have a wonderful week! Wish me luck on my major task-of-the-week: PACKING!

*[for example: I read a decent number of blogs, and I've only even heard of four of the "award winners" listed here]
**[but that's not to say I wasn't incredibly, genuinely honored when

Christina May thought of me after one of her deserved nominations!]
***please, please know that I am not intending to bash or discredit any blogs that have the above traits!  not.at.all.  I'm just not dedicated enough to be that way. That's all I'm tryin' to say, promise!

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  1. I better be hearing about Italy somewhere. Think of keeping it up to date this way -- it will give you a chance to practice your English.