Friday, May 25, 2012

italy: a recap

Once upon a time I went to Italy. 

(It was last month.)

After all of my adventures [that you've already heard about], I returned to the 'States, reintroduced my body to exercise, went to a wedding, graduated, went to another wedding, and finally headed home to settle in (rapidly) to my routine of sitting around the house wishing for a job. In all that excitement, I admit that I kind of neglected this little blog. Oopsies.

You might notice that the ^^^above little synopsis of my recent life happenings omits any mentioning of unpacking. It's been a slow process, and today, I was reminded of my intention to post a recap of my trip.

No, don't worry, I won't blabber on as usual or post zillions of pictures. Instead, I'll stick to the very thing that reminded me: A silly Venn diagram (Italy vs. home) that I scribbled on my 10-hour trans-Atlantic flight home...  We're all aware of how these work, yeah? Two intertwined circles, the overlap being what the topics of said circles have in common? Righto.

So there's that. Not incredibly mind-blowing, but somewhat indicative of what was going through my mind on that much-too-long flight back.

Till the next adventure...

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