Sunday, May 06, 2012

watery scenes.

No, no, no, the water isn't from my tears.
My flight doesn't leave for a few more hours.

Nope, these pics are from my week in Tuscany, as well as a daytrip to Lago Maggiore. I thought it might be poetic or something to post some pictures of water for you to look at as I sail through the air [safe inside a plane, if all goes according to plan] over The Atlantic Ocean.

Three cheers for safe travels!

Talamone, Italy

The beach at the Regional Park of Maremma

Really it's just my lack of photography skills as work, but I like how the horizon is nonexistent in this pic.

In Talamone, looking across at Monte Argentario

Sailboats among the misty mountains, near the Swiss border.
Do you recognize those islands in the middle of the lake?

The town of Intra, as viewed from the ferry
A little Laser action on Lago Maggiore

 Viva Italia!

I'll certainly miss this place. What a grand adventure it's been. Thanks for tagging along.


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