Sunday, May 06, 2012

market days

Sorry for leavin ya hangin for so long, but I haven't been with my computer much. Trying to soak up these last few moments w/family and friends, ya dig? I leave tomorrow, sighhhhh...

In Melegnano, a downtown market (with clothes, purses, kitchen appliances, produce, meat/fish, younameit) is held every Thursday and Sunday:

Today was my very last one, and as I snapped the above picture, it occurred to me: Nearly everywhere I've gone on this trip has boasted a market of some sort. I guess that's one difference [of many] between Europe and America...

 Here are the other markets I visited:

 El Rastro, in downtown Madrid.

The Fiera del Perdona, also in Melegnano (held once a year, rather than twice a week). 
It's basically just an amped up version of the regular markets.

Sweet produce market on the water in Venice.

More produce, this time in Germany at the [daily?] M√ľnstermarkt in Freiburg.

The crowded Saturday market in Orbetello.

 Another farmers market [I love it!], here, under the Tuscan sun.

These markets all offered pretty much the same types of things, but even after 6 weeks of bumping into them everywhere I was still, I dunno, taken aback at how we just don't have things like this on a regular basis in Florida. we do, and they're just called Flea Markets and are less glamorous with the lenses of international travel removed from mine eyes... Okay, well, scratch all that. I guess markets just stand out here because there aren't huge plots of land just sitting around on this smaller continent for markets to permanently occupy, so the streets are utilized.

Whatever. I had fun with 'em here, and that's good enough for me.

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