Thursday, April 26, 2012

Freiburg, day 2a

Saturday was a full day of experiencing Freiburg in its many forms. The day began with a walk around town followed by a small hike up to an overlook, continued with some window-shopping, and finished up with a night on the town.

First, the walk:
The apartment that I called home for the weekend was located in the heart of the "inner-city" of Freiburg, which is less of what Americans would consider an 'inner-city' area and more like the historical district. The streets are cobblestone, the cars are few, and the buildings are lovely. Only the unremitting drizzle and the chill in the air made it a less-than-perfect stroll.


Practically right outside our door stood [quite imposingly, I might add], Freiburg's crowned jewel: 
the Müntser. Quite tall, and definitely of Gothic inspiration similar to Milano's Duomo, the uniquely sepia church was nothing short of impressive.
 It literally towers over everything else in town.

 and the stained-glass on the inside was ridiculously intricate.
 (I never figured out where the actual keyboard to that organ was...)

My favorite part of the church was the GIANT lamp they have to light it up at night:
Just kidding ;)   
I laughed when I saw how the pic came out and thought I'd share.

From the church, we headed, well, up. We walked to a nearby hill so I get get a sweeping view of the city:

Ganter is one of the two local breweries 
(the other [better] one is Feierling, which I mentioned the other day)

Upon our return back to the valley, we walked through Munsrmarkt, a daily farmers market that takes place in the grand cathedral's plaza...

...and while at the market we grabbed a bratwurst, because
that's a requirement of visiting Germany, right?

The picture is blurry, but my memory of it's scrumptiousness is not.

Till next time, Auf Wiedersehen!