Monday, April 02, 2012

Let's see...where was I...?

If you don't follow me on twitter (or if you're not in my immediate family)-- I made it to Italy! For the sake of consistency, however, I'm just going to keep on posting pics in chronological order (not to mention I just arrived here a couple hours ago and don't plan to actually explore for a few days anyway).

After Toledo's whole adventure I was ready to head back to the streets of Madrid. Here are some pics from my wanderings on Saturday. I hope you're not getting bored of the zillion pictures of buildings, because that's pretty much all you're gonna get. I'm not much for posing for the camera...You'll just have to believe me; I promise I was actually there taking the picture :)
The station I rode the bus into every day, Moncloa.

It came highly recommended... was packed, so I sat downstairs...

...and enjoyed some 'churros con chocolate' whilst writing some postcards.
(note: a lucky winner will receive the above postcard in ~7 days...)

I like the buildings here.

On duty...

...and some others nearby, evidently off-duty.

This placard thing marks the center of Spain.

I originally snapped this picture as an homage to my previous running career,
but it turns out correr=run;  correo=mail.  Woops.
They certainly like their sweets here. That round thing spins around entertainingly.

some....interesting graffiti.

Plaza Mayor!

sweetest mural I've seen in a while. (note the graffiti, indicating the flat wall)

This happened pretty often-- I'd be kind of lost, and then, like a sign from above,
the building I was looking for would peek out from behind a bunch of buildings.
the nat'l cathedral, by day this time, and not blurry

 the Palacio Real, via a public park

I also stopped by La Casa Encendida, a neat gallery/learning center with a rooftop terrace.

I think maybe I'll do a separate post about art galleries in a later post...

And last but not least, after five very full days of exploring the Madrid area, 
I think maybe my brother and I should rethink our school locales...

(okay, maybe my option looks a little nicer than his, but that's not the point...)

Only a little bit more to share about españa (you're thinking, how is there more to tell?!), so until then...
Buona notte (since I'm in italia now, and since I'm 6 hours ahead of you...)

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