Monday, April 02, 2012

pictures from Toledo

Here are the pictures promised in my rambling Toledo post from yesterday. Maybe you can see how it's possible to get lost there...

A lovely park on the way to the walled old city.

Thar she blows...

one last picture of the less-interesting, non-walled city :)

Here marks the "main"entrance to the city.

Brace yourself for a ton of pictures of the uphill-then-downhill winding roads, the tiny alleys, and amidst this hectic design, the hidden gems that pop out in between...

Coca-Cola, of course.

The city is up on a hill, and the beautiful day made for grand vistas.
The constant climbing was worth it.

Probably my fave of the day.

(Sorry for not telling you the names of these buildings...I seriously have no idea what they are.)


and down...

and up...

 and down again...
(that map was the best sight I saw all day)



(what I probably looked like whilst walking around)



  1. "View of Toledo" by El Greco 1600. Heres a link: Check it out.

    1. I spotted one of Toledo in Museo Sorolla, too:
      He (Sorolla) did several scenes of Toldeo; I can't find the name of this one though (plus I don't think it's finished-- The piece mounted next to it still had some sketchings on it...)