Thursday, April 05, 2012

My last night in Spain

So as I mentioned, the home at which I stayed for the majority of my visit to Spain was too far from the airport for me to arrive there on time for my early flight. I have a good friend who has relatives in Madrid, however, so--connections, connections, connections--I had an excellent back-up.

Melanie, a first grade English teacher at a bilingual school, took me out for a genuine Spanish night on the town. We first headed to El Mercado de San Anton for tapas, and it was so great!

 (Above is the Market-- the first floor has vegetable [and other kinds of] stands, the second has various tapas bars, and the third floor is a sort of you-pick-the-meat hibachi/mongolian/who-knows steak house kind of thing, with an awesome terrace bar on the roof.
We had huevos rotos con jamon (basically, fried "broken" eggs with cured ham on top, all over french fries-- it was a salty treat!), croquets, Spanish beer, and a pinxtos kind of thing with some sort of cod mixture on top of a tiny piece of toast. 


After the Mercado, we walked around a bit and went to a Spanish bakery for some more typical Madrid indulgences. I can't remember the names of the items we picked out, but they were good!

Oh, and I HAVE to share this gem: Maybe the U.S. has this, too, and I've just never seen it, but I thought this was a genius concept-- sensors above cars in a parking garage to indicate, from afar, where the open spots are! Go Spain!

When we got back to the house, it was to bed [for a mere 3.5 hrs], and then to Milan!

¡Adiós, españa!


  1. great pics Maria! Gracias Carolina y Melanie!

  2. Thats actually one of my favorite places that I went to in Madrid lol!!! So glad you got to go there!! -Natalie :)