Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alle montagne

Okay, so maybe it's just because I didn't do my homework ahead of time, and/or maybe it's because my brothers and I tend to speak slowly, but Italians sound like the woman in this video to me, most of the time. I swear the language is set up to sound way faster.

A few of my cousin's friends met us out the other night, and we had fun exchanging tongue twisters. I taught them this classic, and in return I got this:

At the beginning he says something about Santa Monica. That's about all I got. 
(Along with, naturally, the "Marrriiiaaaaaaa" at the end, which is not part of the twister.)

Actually, they also taught me one that's in a Southern Italy dialect (because, Mommy, I respect your version of "Italian" even if I laugh at it). I don't know the spelling, but it's something like this--
Pane, panelle, patate ughiutti: 
tutti li femmine sunnu chiatutte.

(Which translates to something along the lines of:
"Bread, panelle, and boiled potatoes: All the females become fat")

Those silly boys.

What's your go-to tongue twister?

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