Saturday, April 07, 2012

Fiera del Perdono

Another birthday post, yet it's still to simply catch up on past events. 
Maybe tomorrow or the next day I'll be able to share with you some actual birthday happenings.

On Thursday, my aunt's little town of Melegnano had a big street market [I'm getting a lot of those these days] that we sauntered through. It was the 449th annual (give-or-take) Fair of Forgiveness, and it basically occupied every street. Unlike it's weekly Spanish relative (El Rastro), this one most indubitably had an Italian flair.

There were tons of stands with the typical clothes, leather goods, jewelry...
(not quite as blue a sky, eh?)
...and, you know, meat:

 [Don't tell the Richichi kids that there's frittelle and cannoli within arm's reach; they might book an immediate flight! that case, tell the Richichi kids!]

They also had other desserts, of course, including a giant cake decorated as a map of the town.

[sponge cake, marzipan, chocolate fondant, wafer cake designs, food coloring, honey, apricot jelly]

Twas a good day.

A più tardi!


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