Wednesday, April 11, 2012

upcoming adventures

Hopefully my revealing this updated itinerary for the world to see isn't one of those things they warn you not to do...Oh well! I don't exactly have an address for anyone to rob while I'm gone, 
so here goes nothin:

The adventures continue for me as I pass my days in Europe. I sat down today and figured out the general plan for the next several weeks. I'm hoping that my listing it here will guarantee everything going as planned, rather than jixing it. Again, here goes nothin.

Sometime soon: Explore downtown Milano.
I've mostly been hanging around my Aunt's and counsins' houses in the outskirts of town and have yet to venture into the more historic area of Italy's main northern travel hub. We were going to do it today, but the weather isn't looking so good.

The rest of this week will consist of daytrips in and around the countryside, so hopefully the weather will improve a little bit.

Next week: Our trip to Tuscany got postponed, so I'll actually begin to explore Melegnano.
Melegnano, if you don't recall, is the little town in which my mom's aunt lives [she's the sister-in-law of my grandmother, from whom I received my name]. I've only been able to walk around it once, and even then it was not a typical day. I look forward to investigating it's long history.

April 19th: To Venice.
I'll spend the day with an old pal [Haven't seen him in ages, but who says a catch up session can't take place in a foreign country?], then hop back on the train.

April 20-23: Freiburg.
This will be similar to my Spain trip, where I'll meet up with two college pals–one who studied abroad in the U.S. last year, and one who is studying abroad in Germany this year.

April 24-May 1: Family time in coastal Tuscany
My great-aunt and I will head down to her son's house (my mom's cousin), where I'll be able to relax from my back-to-back-to-back excursions, and see this being cleaned up out my cousin's window.

Then it's just one week and I'll be home for graduation!
It's amazing, truly.


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