Friday, April 06, 2012

whadduppp, italia?!

AlpsInTheClouds on my way from Madrid to Milan
Okay, I think we can finally move on to my "new" country: Italy.  How's that sound?

It very possibly could have been my steady schedule of stay-up-late-wake-up-early that did me in, but nonetheless, when I arrived in Italy it didn't take me long to get overwhelmed. [read: I may or may not have had a mini meltdown (in private, of course)].

I had gone to bed at 1:30a, woken up at 4:45a, waited on the tarmac for an extra 1.5hrs, flew a few more hours on a crowded plane, and when I arrived: My tired brain couldn't communicate to my mouth any of the minuscule amount of Italian that I knew. I was frustrated, and embarrassed, and really wasn't feeling like starting the whole in-a-foreign-country-without-knowing-the-language thing all over again (after just having done it a week earlier).

Thus the little tear sesh that I mentioned. I didn't know how I'd pass the next 5 weeks, I couldn't talk to anyone, I wanted to go home, blah blah blah. But, after a much needed nap, I stumbled upon this:
Via il mia Pinterest-o. Boppity boopity.
(mountaintops seem to be my theme today)

So things are looking up, and as Easter nears I am ever more conscious of all that I have to be thankful for-- First and foremost for the simple opportunity to be here, but also for the loving family that has taken me in, for my friends/family back home (who are surprisingly still keeping up with me and this blog), for the ability to think, and speak, and learn, and for my Savior dying for me [& you] and rising again. And for this food, Amen. (And also that I recovered my lost Passport! I'll get to that story later...hehe)

I still don't know much Italian, but I'm getting a little bit less timid about it as the days pass. [And a little bit less skinny, too! Intense fitness regimen when I land Stateside? Methinks yes.]

Arrrrrrividerci! (that's with a rolled R, which I have not perfected, if you're wondering)


  1. boppity boopity! jajajaja!!!! laughing out loud for real!!!!

  2. and your comment JP to Maria made me laugh:)