Friday, April 06, 2012

Mi casa en España:

I can call it "my" house because it really was. 
Here's proof:

The view from the balcony off my room was a joy to behold each morning. Every day of my week in Spain produced a beautiful azure sky, full of promise and, dare I say, adventure(?). 
Seriously though, I think it's bluer there...

At first, Fernando was worried that I would think Colmenarejo to be too far from Madrid, but in reality it was perfect-- Not only was it a quaint and comfortable place to stay, but it was also a perfect running locale (so that I could keep up with my Lent promise).

^^ Calle Marinero, the street I called home for a week. Tis a beaut', amiright?

I guess I never took a picture of the actual house (or Mrs. García's beautiful garden!), but you'll just have to trust me that it was lovely. I had such a fantastic stay. Truth.


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