Monday, December 19, 2011

mindful monday #12

Welcome to the first post-grad post from the M of "Z&M." Hopefully there will be some pretty regular blogging going on this Spring semester, but...let's not make any promises. For now, we'll just be thankful that I didn't collapse into an inescapable coma of exhaustion after finals week and am here to continue this Mindful Monday gig...

A dear friend of mine is the inspiration behind MM#12, and it's because she simply hit the mark with the card I received from her today. She's so darn creative.

Yes, I did cut out a piece of an envelope, mount it, and take a picture of it. What's it to ya?
If you can't make it out, that's Proverbs 31:25, one of my new faves. (Is it weird that I read that verse and think of this scene from my childhood?)

So here's to strength, dignity, and a carefree semester! {imaginary raising of glasses all around}. 

Happy Monday, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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