Thursday, December 22, 2011

my "last" semester in pics.

Today, December 22, 2011, I officially "graduate" from Stetson University. My diploma is waiting for me in the Registrar's office. Crazy.

So before too much time passes (hey, it's not even Christmas yet, so I'm totally still in the allowable time frame), here's a [brief] layout of my semester in pictures. There is a lot omitted, I admit, but oh well.

new Bonner family: go Silver Snakes! Sssss.....

a lil' disco tango at a smashin birthday bash.
the application head shot...

runnin in the rain...
my little baby...

trivia night slurges and winnings

Kilometer Kids :)

more goofing around at K-Kids

life getting out of hand...

muh bwuddah is engaged!

a foggy pre-race morning with mademoiselle Sab!

stetson womens conference xc squad, with bald Maria and Sabrina.

finishing up my cross country career at the A-Sun championship race in Nashville

i love them, like, a lot.

right before my Rhodes interview dinner. heh.

fun finals week nail time w/Sabcat!

Christmastime wanderings in historic Sanford with old friends...the best.
I'm certain I could add more (going out/hanging out with friends, studying, interviewing for med school, helping in the search for a new Dean, presenting my senior research project...) but I'll spare you. It's been a great "last" semester--full of adventures, both planned and unplanned. Thanks for tagging along through it all.

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