Friday, December 16, 2011

You had me at Blog.

A certain special little lady has informed me that I'm not pulling my weight in this blogging deal.  I tried to inform her that I have nothing to blog about, but she wouldn't relent.  Apparently she's convinced that my blank, open mouthed stares hide some sort of teeming intellect. So, bloggies, you get to be witness to my brilliant mind. Yeah, get pumped.

How to fill my blogging obligations the quickest? With a picture of course! If a picture is worth 1000 words, how many blogs is one worth?

This right here is a picture of the body pillow sitting across the room from me.
If you ask me it looks like a poop. 
That has to be worth a least a quarter of a blog post right? I choose to think so.

I'm pretty sure charts are worth at least a triple word score in the blogging world, probably  a quadruple if such a thing exist. So here is a chart I made. 

The solid line tracks Maria's reputation as my participation in this blog increases. As you can see, for every word that I type Maria's reputation takes a small dive. The dashed line however, tracks this blog's reputation as my participation increases. I fully anticipate becoming the golden god of blogging, and lets face it, poop pillows sell better than mindful thoughts in this Kim Kardashian world. The sweet spot is where they intersect in the middle, providing the maximum Maria reputation and blog popularity combo. Yeah, that's science.

This chart shows both my photography skills and my penmanship simultaneously. 

- Z&M  (not to be confused with S&M, which you can learn about when you're older)

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