Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yes, I promised a post with some excellent recipes a while back, but I just haven't managed to check it off my to-do list. I do apologize. I keep getting distracted by one thing or another (okay, so some people might consider blogging as the actual distraction, not the things that get in the way of it, but never mind that), so the recipes will just have to wait, I reckon. [And by "the recipes" I mean "you" because I suppose you'll be the one doing the waiting...]

Today though, I promise I had a good excuse.

I literally (and this is like actual-literal not figurative-literal) had just sat down [satten down?] with my computer and was starting the stuffed pepper secret recipe post when someone shouted upstairs to me: "C'mon, get your gear on! We're gettin' wet!"

((To relieve any confusion, Z and I were at the Lake house this weekend with some of his family, several of whom are [relatively recently] avid sailors.)) Seeing as the attempt at sailing the day before was a complete flop, I wasn't quick to jump up.

Until, that is, I was reminded of the day's wind forecast:
Yeah. Just focus on the numbers below the "13h."

For you amateurs out there, "h" means "hours" and we're working on a 24h clock. That makes 13h = 1pm, and that makes 33mph gusts = frickin' ridiculous. So hi-ho a merry-oh, a-sailing we will go!

I make no claims to be any sort of practiced sailor, and pretty much felt more like a nuisance than the "counter-weight" that I was supped to be acting as (high-stakes assignment, huh?). Regardless, it was great fun. We quickly found the limitations of our ability on the water, but that's kind of what makes it an adventure, amiright?

The following picture is after the four of us got over-powered in the Harpoon, and after {Z+his dad} and {Z+his uncle} got worked in the 505, when Z's uncle decided he wanted to try his luck on the Laser. Did I mention that 33mph is frickin' ridiculous? The picture might not show it well (it seems the only thing my cell-phone-camera likes to capture is clouds), but it took a great deal of effort from all three of them to get that sail up.

Need proof? Here ya go:
Now That's What I Call Dedication Volume 42.
[This is the point where you scroll back up to look at that "before" picture and see how close this guy's face was to the wildly flailing boom.]

So there's my excuse. Sailing > blogging, sorry.

Maybe tomorrow will be a little less exciting and will allow for some recipe time. Till then...


PS: more cell-phone-camera-clouds, for your viewing pleasure. (If you want to see actual sailing pics, maybe a few of them came out from the real camera I tried using. They're on facebook somewhere...)
This angle really flattens out the water, but I promise there were large waves. No lie. Coulda surfed 'em.

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  1. Here's a link to some photos of the action. No blood in these.:)