Wednesday, February 15, 2012

life is good.

Remember what I was saying about being thankful for the simple things? Well, folks, it's okay to be thankful for the not-so-simple things too.
  • A BUNCH of dear friends turn a year older this week. Happy birthday to Brett, Kate, Judea, Josh, Sue, Bryan, Andi (and naturally, Charlie, her twin), Lacy, Lindsey, Noli (and her brothers Nester and Nelson (what do you say? "her triplet-mates"?)) and others. (wow, even more than I thought! No hard feelings if I left you out, I promise!) Life is good!
  • I am taking a class in Gainesville about reading the Gospels, and it is both refreshing and humbling to be surrounded by people who know so much about God's Word. Life is good!
  • My brother and I both received word of acceptance to two prospective schools for next fall! I'll say it again: life is good!
So celebrate life today (and everyday!), for it is good and He is faithful :)

Look for posts later this week about some successes that Z and I have had in the kitchen! Woo hoo!


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  1. Triplet-mates? lol, I usually just stick to saying "my brothers". There really is not another non-awkward way to describe them. :)