Monday, February 27, 2012


This, friends, is a video.

It's not what I anticipated when I first looked it up.

I randomly wanted to listen to what has become (thanks to The Little Rascals, of course) one of my favorite songs. So, naturally, I was lazy and looked it up on YouTube instead of looking for it in my iTunes library.

This song (yeah, I'll get around to posting the video eventually, promise) popped up as the first option. I saw a person with some sort of non-guitar stringed instrument doing a cover, and I thought, bleghhh... I hate watching less-than-semi-talented people do covers in front of a camera...Where's the real song?!

Then, naturally, I was lazy (or something?) and decided to watch/listen to it anyway, and I was quite pleasantly surprised.

Then, I was surprised again at 2:50, when the video became something altogether different.

Then, I was surprised again at 3:34, when it started to resemble all-too-eerily the all-too-many acceptance speeches that I just got up from the couch from watching. (I love the Oscars!) (I still need to see The Artist!)

Then, I surprised myself by deciding to post it. So without further ado, I present the nominees, I's the video:

Not exactly an award-winner, but oh well. Hope your weekend was a L-O-V-E-ly one :)


  1. why do i have no musical talent, and she possesses all of it. no fair. i like

  2. Will you ask Jonathon to do something like this video...I know he can do it. Its just like him.