Sunday, July 10, 2011

cool your jets little piggies.

We're a day late and definitely a dollar short with all these northeastern toll roads, so here's a brief rundown on our Richmond-Day-3 adventure. But cool your jets little piggies, we're movin' at the pace of real barbecue (especially after having eaten so much of it…)

Actually, that's a nice segue into a summary of our last couple days.  Apparently we are determining the stops along our journey based upon food shows, which maybe isn't an amazing decision for our health, come to think of it. Nevertheless, it has been an amazing decision for our palates, as we've partaken in some good eatin' lately.

The first two stops we already mentioned: The Village Cafe, which Guy Fieri featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives." People, I will reiterate: if you need a milkshake, drive to Richmond and get a hazelnut-Irish-cream milkshake with a chocolate base. Your life will be all the better for it.

Yesterday (Richmond Day #3), we went by the aforementioned Black Sheep for lunch.

And oh. my. goodness. Their menu ain't lyin' about these battleships.

We split the U.S.S. Brooklyn, with jerk chicken, peach chutney, cabbage slaw, and banana ketchup to boot. Nice kick with a sweet finish. It. Was. Gooood.

We washed it down with the Black Sheep Banana Pudding: lady fingers layered with a fluffy ripe banana & rum spiked pudding, nutmeg & sweet whipped cream. Delicious.

After our glorious meal, we realized that day trips planned around food destinations kind of fall apart in the hours between meals…woops. So we killed time between lunch and dinner by walking in the historic tobacco warehouse district along Canal Walk and through Shockoe Slip/Shockoe Bottom areas.


 Eventually we were ready (kind of) to make another stop along Foodstuffs Blvd at Adam's second Richmond recommendation:
We didn't get a great shot of the 1/2 rack of ribs we got, but at least we got one of the result.
mmm...finger-lickin' good.

-----Just arrived in Matawan, NJ; look for another post later about our day in Philly.

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