Thursday, July 21, 2011

that's all, folks.

 We're hooooooome! It was a grand adventure and we had such a great time getting to know each other and our dear old East Coast better over these past few weeks. Here is a grand summary (we were kind of bored during our very last car ride), as well as a few pics to wrap things up:

    • total miles driven: 3,393
    • # cities visited: 10
    • # fill-ups (gas): 9
    • $ spent on gas: $411.40
    • total hours en route: 47 hrs. (and that's just from city-to-city. Yuck.)
    • most states in one day: 5
    • # meals "out": 22 (including 2 Burger Kings, a Zaxbys, a McDonalds, and a Pizza Hut)
    • $ spent on food: $435.12
    • # home-cooked dinners: 7
    • # ice cream joints visited: 5 (plus we got ice cream with dessert at 2 other places...)
    • # coffee stops: 6 (3x Dunkin Donuts, 2x Starbucks, 1x McDonalds)
    • "best" restaurant, based on overall atmosphere, location, prices, selection, and flavor (drumroll please...): Southend Brewery & Smokehouse in Charleston, SC (although there are many honorable mentions, including Cru Cafe, Halo, Black Sheep, Brickwall Tavern, and more!)
  • MISC
    • # miles run: 90.5
    • # of zero-mile days: 4 (don't tell my coach...)
    • fave running destination: it's a tie! both Fairmount and Holmdel parks were great (Philly and NJ, respectively)
    • # things accidentally left behind: just 3! (pair of shorts, towel, and toothpaste; not too shabby!)
    • # pictures taken: 483
    • # mixed CDs made: 3 (a low number based on the fact that the Altima doesn't have an auxiliary input (that's "iPod-pluggy-thing" for you old folks)
    • (# of times we heard those 3 CDs: probably 7 times each)
    • highest gas price seen: $3.85/ga (lowest: $3.28)
    • least favorite road: I-64

Some pics from Charleston day 2:
some wall decor at our hostel. I felt like all 3 applied so well to our trip!

MUSC: the Medical Univ. of South Carolina. Definitely a nice campus!

mmm...trying on things that were out of my price range...couldn't resist.

umm, new Game Day outfit, anyone?

dat boy's got some loooong hairrr

there is so much to love about this picture.

"Rainbow Row"

$7.4 mill, NBD. We bought it while we were up there. Just a getaway home, ya know?

And finally, after twenty days of suitcase-livin', city-hoppin' fun, we welcomed this view:
(the top part of the sign anyway...)

Well, That's all folks!  Thanks for following along.

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