Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in the South anymore.

The past couple days have brought some excellent additions to our journey. Here are three in particular:
heck yes for awesome nails! (my 5 yr old cousin Anna has a matching set, too)
heck yes for BROOKLYN!
heck yes for our new friend Jeffrey! (hint: keep an eye out for him from here on out...)
So yes, our adventures continue! We're up in NJ and having a grand ol' time. The trip route was altered a little bit, as we opted to get rid of the day trip to Yale (who needs top-o-the-line edumacation anyway?) and instead visited an old high school pal who is living and working in NYC. We dropped in on Ashley and her family's Brooklyn "Wing Bar" and it was fantastic. While in the 'hood we also walked through Prospect Park, which was really quite lovely. (As a side note, we've actually been to quite a few great parks lately and have gotten to run in some really neat places, such as Holmdel Park and Tatum Park, both just a short drive from my uncle's house and chock-full of trails)
Brooklyn's Prospect Park has an impressive amount of open space-- for a while you forget you're even in a city.
The accents were an immediate giveaway that we've left our comfortable South, but we've gotten a few extra hints along the way, like
(Engraved in this is "Defenders of the Union," much different than the Jefferson Davis monuments all over Richmond)
 Anyway, the park is quite large (585 acres) and has a bandshell that serves as a venue for musicians and artists all year round, especially during the summer. We happened to walk through on the night of a concert, and even though we couldn't see past the blockade (i.e. we didn't want to pay for tickets...), we set up camp outside the fence with 500 of our newest frugal friends and listened fo' free. It was a delightful evening for sure.

We ended the night with some goofing off in the subway, some expensive (?) sodas, and some exceptionally happy Goldfish crackers. Oh, New York, New York. What a place.

All in all, I think maybe it's a bad sign when someone says something like, "The park's so big you forget you're in a city!" I mean, cities can't be that great to live in if so many people are seeking out ways to forget they're there, right? I can't see myself living in a city as large as NYC just yet, but we had a nice little excursion and have enjoyed being up in this neck of the woods. Probably 'cause it ain't winter.' pics fo' yo' curious eyes:


  1. Jeffrey kinda reminds me of jerry and titty. : )

  2. NYC is so fun! Wish I was with you.

  3. Jeffrey is lucky; he gets to go to Nags Head and beyond.