Thursday, July 21, 2011


oh, hey Georgia.

 It. Was. Hot. And not even like the a little toasty kind of hot. It was the skin-blazing, sweat-dripping, uncomfortable kind of hot. We didn't have a game plan for Savannah really, so amidst the insane heat and the hoards of tourists we roamed up and down two main streets, popping in and out of some shops without making any purchases (Mrs. Andrews, we almost bought you this, but those tourist traps are so overpriced, so we didn't. Happy upcoming birthday anyway!). Once we were practically overcome with heat stroke, we had lunch at a very tasty b. matthews eatery and set to the streets again. Add two visits to Savannah Bee Co. (2 different locations in town) and a trip to Starbucks, (did I say Starbucks? I meant super cute, local, organic coffeeshop), and we were pretty much done with Savannah. We also spent some time at Forsyth Park (in the shade! by pretty houses!) before heading home.
i think i might scrap this whole med school idea and apply here. how's that sound?

Ultimately, I think the soaring temps and our general lack of purpose took away from our visit to Savanna, for by the end of our little excursion through town we were quite ready to be h.o.m.e.

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