Friday, July 08, 2011


I let Zack make the title of this one. See what happens?

Anyway, we left Roan a bit damp (but not the least bit defeated) and hit the road toward Charlottesville. The drive: pretty uneventful, UNTIL we saw this glory out our windows, the 8th largest sports venue on the planet earth. 

C-ville was lovely. Hot, but lovely. We even ventured up to Jefferson's Monticello and would have gotten ripped off to tour the house if we weren't so stingy. Good thing.
Mista Jefferson himself.

Now we're in Richmond-- got a nice tour of VCU Health System today, and plan on exploring a bit more of downtown tomorrow.

Until next time, here's our lesson of the day: never buy cheap made-in-china multi-tools.


  1. Since he was a small child he always went with "poop" when pressed. For example:

    Friend, relative, important person: What's this little boys name?

    Zack: (pauses, stares, slight smile) Poop

    Just saying.

  2. well poop. I guess the habit won't be changing soon then, eh?