Friday, July 15, 2011


Well, our NJ visit has been fabulous. Wii games, playgrounds-at-the-park, Ralph's, and--of course--the Jersey Shore itself all provided plenty of adventures during our stay. We head to Nags Head, NC in the morning and will send updates on that later : )

WiiFit HulaHoop champion!

the Play-Doh challenges (and victories) continue

GIANT one-legged seagull we spotted

the b.r.u.c.e.

family time is adventure time! (m&z w/Unc Angelo, Aunt Courtney, and cousins Anthony, Carrie (3wks to go!) and Anna)


  1. So this is the Jersey shore? Good times! =)

  2. while you guys were looking at seagulls chloe and i saw a giant sea turtle tonight!...but i guess you've seen one you've seen em all. have a fun rest of your trip!