Saturday, July 09, 2011

rainy days and fridays.

Day 2 in Richmond = success. Well, more or less...

We started off with a nice run through the neighborhood, but it's such a giant dang compound that it didn't take us very long to get lost. We made it back alive though, so don't fret.

Then we got locked out of the house in this:

...but luckily I'm a miniature person and fit through the doggie door to the screened-in back porch (even the PORCH was locked), so at least we had cover until the Daveys got back home.

Eventually, we decided we were done with mishaps, so we headed downtown with Lydia to check out Carytown, which was super cute (Zack's words, not mine). For dinner, we wanted to go to a place featured on the Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food," but right when we drove up, the sky reopened and we decided we didn't want to wait outside in the rain. So we headed to a VCU favorite, which I can honestly say provided me with one of the tastiest milkshakes I've had in quite a few moons.

I would have snapped some photos of the meal, was pancakes and I know you know what pancakes look like. Plus, the picture could not have possibly captured their delicioso-ness, trust me. Instead, I sneaked a shot of a poster that made me smile. These Rams like their basketball 'round here.
I so wish this was referring to this Shaka, not this Shaka.
After gorging ourselves, we made our way back to the 'burbs. During the journey Zack discovered some surprisingly fresh Play-Doh in the back seat, so we had a contest while Lyds chauffeured us home. The results were...interesting.
Turns out I'm no good at making llamas...

My entry for the "tree" category definitely trumped Zack's though. No contest.

In the "car" category, we were equally bad, with my VW Bug matching his pickup-truck-with-no-suspension...

and...the "bear" assignment didn't end too well either.
So we made the most of our rainy day and are looking forward to a tomorrow filled with a few less wrong turns and a few more adventures. Till next time...

...road trips. woot!


  1. Love the play doh. Lydia must have been laughing all the way home. Keep having fun and adventures.

  2. Re: Shaka

    Shaka Smart is named after Shaka Zulu (portrayed by Henry Cele) who is Shaka kaSenzangakhona.

    so ... indirectly

  3. joseph, i posted that link specifically for you and Dad. the new info makes it fantastic. thanks.